Roll of Years

Years are are counted in many different ways throughout Faerûn. One of the most common is Dalereckoning (DR). The count of years in DR starts with the Year of Sunrise, when elves first allowed men to settle in Cormanthor. There is no year 0 in DR. The Year of Sunrise is DR 1.

The Roll of Years refers to a list of proper names given to each year, beginning with -700DR. The names of years are known throughout Faerûn. Thus, a year’s name is a designation that transcends any particular region’s method of counting years.

The list of names derives from the work of two prophets of different eras, Augathra the Mad (c. -400DR) and Alaundo the Seer (c. 75 DR).

(All years are in DR)

1364, Year of the Wave

1365, Year of the Sword

1366, Year of the Staff

1367, Year of the Shield

1368, Year of the Banner

1369, Year of the Gauntlet

1370, Year of the Tankard [the current year]

1371, Year of the Unstrung Harp

1372, Year of Wild Magic

1373, Year of Rogue Dragons

1374, Year of Lightning Storms

1375, Year of Risen Elfkin

1376, Year of the Bent Blade

1377, Year of the Haunting

1378, Year of the Cauldron

Roll of Years

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